AFA is the first company to provide financial partners with unprecedented business model, pioneering agency system and unparalleled platform, aiming towards boosting their lifelong career and the ability to better serve the clients.

What we offer

A system that truly works
A system that does not discriminate towards age, sex, or experience. It only matters if you work hard and smart with passion for your career. AFA honors the code that the effort and patience are keys to success, and greatly compensate achievements with enormous bonus which are not limited to personal credits, team rewards, bonus income, sharing profit, company shares and competition prize.
A platform that beyond just smarts
A platform that built to satisfy every aspect of your needs, with customizable toolbox, easy to access design, simple and clear format, as well as certified comprehensive training programs that get you fully armed and prepared for the field before you “enter the jungle”.
A success story everybody tells
A success story that has been proven hundreds of times to be duplicable. AFA presents absolute equal opportunities and exceptional starting bonus for everyone to score the highest level of contracts and achievements. The only thing that stops you from success will be your determination to join the adventure.
A choice that is sincerely yours
A choice that you can make to either be the heroic lone-wolf or part of the genius pack. There is no best company, it is all about finding the best fit for you. At AFA, YOU are responsible for your success, and we make certain to grant that power back to you.
A career that dedicated to helping others
A career that is to help others accomplish financial success and safety. AFA provides consistent trainings to ensure your understanding of the products, so you get to feel confident in what you are selling to safeguard client’s family and future. Customer, products, then business. We are alliance for financial power, we are alliance for your future - we keep our promises, so you can keep yours.
An opportunity to reach the highest peak with us *
An opportunity for you to take to thrive and grow with the company. At AFA, you could not only be your own boss, but also a shareholder for the entire company to receive probably the most rewarding experience.
*conditions may apply
AFA - is where our only mission is to help you ascend your career, life, and future.