About AFA in cope with COVID–19 crisis announcing immediate supporting measures for clients, agents, employees, and the entire community: updates on current situation

As of July 31st, more than 4.6 million people in the United States have been infected with the virus and at least 150K have died, according to online sources. The widely spread of COVID-19 is currently affecting every one of us.

AFA has always been and will always be putting the life and welfare of people ahead of the company. Even though we are beyond appreciated for the trust and commitment our clients, agents, employees and the community have put on us, the company is announcing and will be implementing updated supporting measures in cope with the rising severity of the current situation.

  1. What will be changing for our clients
    • We are requiring clients to wear masks and sanitize using the hand soap provided at the entrance before entering the company building;
    • 6-feet social distancing is mandatory within the entire building;
    • We enhanced cleaning at all office spaces;
  2. What will be changing for our agents
    • All agents are strongly recommended to connect with clients virtually to minimize the potential risk of contracting the virus;
    • More strict rules on in-person meetings and consultations regarding social-distancing will be announced separately;
    • Basic medical supplies including masks, hand sanitizers and alcohol sprays will be distributed given the applicable circumstances;
    • We will update the registered agents with any company protocols change or virus-related news on a timely basis;
  3. What will be changing for our employees
    • Unless approved by the manager, we require all office-based employees to work from home at this point without exceptions;
    • Daily cleaning and disinfection of the entire office space will be conducted after working hours;
    • Free masks, sanitizers, alcohol sprays/wipes and medical gloves are provided both within the office area and directly to employees;
    • One time Thank You Bonus will be distributed to essential workers that are still working in the office;
  4. What will be changing for the communities
    • The company is currently expanding recruitment to an unprecedented scale in order to cope with the rising unemployment rate and support the community;
    • We have dedicated massive effort on platform development, aiming to support the community on a safer contact-free insurance shopping experience.

The company will continue to operate based on scientific and medical advice from health expert and strictly follow the government’s order to help protect, support and serve wherever and whenever we can.

Thank you again for your trust and commitment in AFA, please stay safe, stay well, and stay with us.

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